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Divorce: Pros and Cons for the Woman

Sticking with a relationship, which brings you down and does not help you grow, is quite difficult and stressful. This is one of the major reasons why women choose to file a divorce. However, after that, what would she actually get? Here are some pros and cons that women may expect if they file for a divorce. Atlanta divorce law

Pros of Divorce for Women

  • The woman gets to find a man who will make her feel more secure.
  • The woman may find herself a sense of freedom and solidarity – two aspects, which was deprived of her during the relationship.
  • The woman will have the chance to focus more with her work or career.
  • The woman can concentrate on raising her children.
  • The woman may get to enjoy life going out with friends without a man who would get mad at her actions.
  • The woman will be given enough time to think deeply what the purpose of her life really is.
  • The woman will be freed from giving the effort to make the marriage work.

Cons of Divorce for Women

  • The woman might face financial difficulties if settlement is not done between the two parties involved.
  • The woman may face the unfair societal judgment when she chooses to marry again.
  • The woman may shoulder the burden of attending to her children and providing their needs alone. divorce lawyer

As seen at the pros and cons of divorce, the pros tackle more of the emotional aspect of the woman while the cons are about the realities she will have to face in giving up the marriage.  Going through a divorce  is a tough challenge to finish, but it has to be done and decided for the good of everyone and not only the couple.  Marietta divorce law

Guide to Getting Married

The laws on marriage are governed by your state laws. These laws differ from state to state. Consult with an experienced family law attorney to know the exact requirements for a legal marriage in your state.

If you are planning to get married, you should obtain a marriage license from the county office. You must pay a license fee to get this license. You must apply for a marriage license to the county office of the county in which you intend to get married. In most states the marriage license had a validity period and you must get married within this period. If you marriage license expires you will have to re-apply for another marriage license. An experienced family law attorney can help you get a marriage license in your state.

Generally there are no medical tests required for a marriage. However some states still require certain blood tests for venereal diseases and also for tuberculosis and few other diseases. An experienced family law attorney can advise you on the medical test requirements in your case.

State laws regulate the legal age for marriage. In most states you and your spouse should be at least 18 years of age or older. In some states, the marriage will be valid if one spouse is below the legal age for marriage but has the consent of his or her parents. In some cases if one spouse is below the legal age for marriage, the consent for marriage must be obtained from a court of law. Consult with an experienced family law attorney if you or your spouse is below the legal age for marriage in your state.

You and your spouse cannot be blood relatives. Who is a blood relative will depend on your state law. Generally you and your spouse cannot be closer than third cousins. In some states you can marry your fist cousin if both of you are of an elderly age and are no longer able to conceive. If you have been married but you have been separated from your spouse for a long time, you cannot remarry your spouse unless you get a divorce from a court of law. Likewise if you are married, you cannot marry another person unless you divorce your present spouse. Polygamy is illegal in theUnited States.

At the time of marriage, the law requires you and your spouse to have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of your actions. If your mental capacity is impaired by use of alcohol or drugs, your marriage will not be legally valid. Consult with an experienced family law attorney to know the exact restrictions under your state law.

Earlier a marriage had to be between a man and a woman for it to be legally valid. However states have started recognizing same sex marriages. Same sex marriages are legal in some states but not all. A few states all same sex marriages while a few other recognize same sex marriages that occurred in states that permit same sex marriages. Same sex couples intending to get married should seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney to know if their state permits or recognizes same sex marriages.

Probate Law

Probate law deals with the passing of the assets of a deceased person to his or her heirs. Even if you have a valid will, it must pass through probate. The probate court must verify the validity of your will. If you have an estate which you want your family and relatives to inherit after your death, you should use the services of an experienced probate attorney. Probate attorneys deal with probate law.


Probate laws can be complex. An average Joe may not understand the complex terminologies involved in probate laws. Probate lawyers are well versed in this complex area of law. A probate lawyer can provide you with invaluable service.


Having a probate attorney assist you when you are drafting your will is a great gift you can give to your family members and relative. Probate attorneys will ensure that your will is in accordance with the law and will pass through probate smoothly. If your will is drafted without the assistance of probate attorneys, it is likely to face a lot of technical hurdles when going through probate. Many states have strict requirements for determining the validity of a will. A probate attorney knows these requirements and will ensure that your will satisfies these requirements.


When your estate goes through probate, your family members and relatives should hire the services of probate attorneys. A probate attorney will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible with the least legal hurdles for your family members and relatives. A probate attorney knows the forms that have to be filled and filed in the probate court. In many states, a probate fee must be paid to the court if a will has to go through probate. Probate lawyers are aware of these fees and can advice you about the fees and whether it is possible under your state law to lower the fees by using other legal instruments to transfer your estate.


Probate lawyers can provide invaluable service to you. When you have a will drafted by an experienced probate attorney, you can rest assured that your family members and relatives will not have any difficult when your will goes through probate.

How to Terminate an Employee

Concluding the employment relationship amicably and voluntarily, whenever possible, serves both parties best interest. It is human nature to desire to look good. Therefore, most disputes can be avoided by maintaining open and honest communications throughout the employment relationship. From the employer’s perspective, it is immensely important to provide employees feedback on how they are performing, counseling when necessary, and documenting any problem areas. This communication, education, and documentation prevent any surprise should the relationship need to end. The interaction also gives employees the opportunity to decide to improve or to seek another employment opportunity. Employees who choose not to follow the employer’s guidelines, for whatever reason, should actively look for another job, then voluntarily resign when they find other employment. The benefits of this approach are several. First, employees end their dissatisfaction as soon as possible before other problems are created. Second, it is easier to find a job while still employed. Third, being in control of your own destiny is more empowering and rewarding. Fourth, resigning is more sociably acceptable and personally comfortable.

Unfortunately, most individuals are not proactive in taking the necessary steps to protect themselves. Even after employees have been repeatedly warned about their unacceptable employment performance, they often willremain in denial that anything is wrong or that they need to improve. Whether because of such denial, disbelief that the employer would take any adverse action, or refusal to accept personal responsibility, most employees will simply force the employer to fire them. Unfortunately, failure to act or be personally accountable does have some benefits for employees. First, they can play the victim and blame their circumstances on the employer. Second, in most circumstances, unless there is some sort of gross misconduct, they may be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits. Because every employment termination is a potential lawsuit, the employer must view the totality of circumstances before ending the relationship. For example, has the employer treated similarly situated employees in the same or similar manner? If not, and the employee is a member of a protected group, such firing may be the basis of an employment discrimination claim. In the case of an organizational restructuring or layoff, consider whether the employment separation has an adverse impact upon persons within a protected classification. Even this unintended result may cost the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars if the employer does not devote the time to prepare properly for the employment separation. Therefore, if the employer is the party who must end the relationship, again the factors of communication, education and documentation are essential in order to establish the employer’s business reason for making the employment decision should an employment related claim be filed.

When you have decided to terminate an employee, you should review the employee personnel file to ascertain whether there is sufficient documentation concerning the unacceptable performance. Should an employment-related claim be filed, in most cases the employee has the burden of proving that the employer’s actions were unlawful. However, most juries and administrative agencies work on the unspoken presumption that if the employer did not document the employee’s poor performance or counsel the individual on the need to improve, then the employee’s conduct that the employer proclaims is the reason for ending the relationship did not occur. Therefore, proper documentation is key in safeguarding the organization as well as the individual manager or supervisor.

The employee’s personnel file usually contains little or no substantiation for the employment termination. In fact, the documentation often is limited to the employee’s annual performance appraisal that shows a satisfactory or above-average employee. This type of file can be devastating to the organization should a claim be filed and the employee was not fired for some urgent reason, such as hitting a supervisor or stealing. Although as a general rule an employer has the right to fire an employee for any reason or no reason, with or without notice, the best defense is a good offense, especially in the employment arena where it is so easy to file a lawsuit.

Winning By Hiring an Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

The final break of a marital union, terminating the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and breaking up the union of matrimony between the two individuals is known as divorce. The two individuals are no longer husband and wife and sever all kinds of tie between them. The divorce law differs for country to country. It requires the sanction of a court or similar authority for divorce. Divorce lawyers fight on your behalf in court to dissolve the marriage.

Numbers of divorces have increased considerably in the recent years. Today people do not have the patience or the tolerance to give a chance to marriage. The union of two different individual take much time, compromise and understanding to make it work. It has been seen that marriages that last more than 20 years are long lasting and do not end in a divorce. In today’s fast-paced life, people do not have the time to have a great marriage. If things do not work the way, they want it to or partner does not meet their expectation, the easiest route is to end it with a divorce. Ending a marriage with children involved can be a very painful experience.

Reasons for divorce can be many. The main reasons include Adultery, infidelity, Extramarital sex, domestic violence, midlife crisis, addiction to gambling, alcoholism, drugs, workaholics, etc. In 2004, wives petitioned Most of the divorce cases. However, today, there is a slight decrease with many men too initiating divorce. In the United States, the Divorce law vary fro state to state. If you want to initiate a divorce, you need the help of competent divorce lawyers to help you get a divorce.

A divorce can be a very costly affair with divorce lawyer charging quite a sum of money. It is better to check around before hiring one. If the lawyer is not good, you can end up loosing a whole lot of money. Good aggressive divorce lawyers can help you win the divorce case in your favor. They can also help you get good alimony fro your partner and other support required. You do not have run from place to place looking for the right lawyer. Atlanta Divorce Lawyer

The net has made it much easier to find a divorce lawyer. By clicking on the state, the net will help you find a divorce lawyer who will not only help you win your case but also within a reasonable charge. They will ensure that all legal requirements are met for the divorce. If divorce involves complications like child custody, child support, visitation rights, property division, marital debt etc they cal help negotiate an informal settlement without incurring the high court fee. These divorce lawyers are well versed in their field to provide the best counsel or advice. They can even act as counselors to prevent a divorce in many cases, which involve petty reasons for filing a divorce.

A Good Family Lawyer Can Guide You through Your Divorce process

For divorce procedures, a family lawyer is what exactly you need. On the other hand, filing divorce is not a daily routine, how will you begin the method? The very first thing you should do is making a list of divorce legal professionals that you could potentially get. Meet with one and also interview him in a similar manner that you would interview any expert that you were thinking about hiring. Should you feel that he won’t give you achievement in handling your case, take him out from your listing and move on to your next prospect.

This stage on your life is very essential and you need to have the one who could make a great change in your life. In terms of finding a family lawyer, it is very important to listen to your instincts.

It is important that your attorney is straight in letting you know about his assistance fee. This is vital to know before he will deal with your case. Obviously, you do not want to encounter any form of financial surprises in the midst of your case.

The family lawyer should clearly explain to you what fees he charges and when they will be due. He must tell you what payment ways are suitable and how much money you should pay at the beginning.

Undoubtedly, you do not think of having a fight with your lawyer because of cash, so, it is important that your lawyer will give an honest explanation concerning the payment to avoid this type of issue. You have been experiencing too much troubles with your spouse and of course you do not want to encounter more problems this time.

It is important that you’ve got a set of question in your list in making an interview with a family lawyer. It is important that you have an insight with the voice tone of the attorney while speaking with you. If you think he talks with you in a condescending way, you say goodbye in a respectful way and proceed your next prospect. The same is what you have to do for an attorney who makes you foolish.

As being a client, you have to be dealt with decency as well as value. It is crucial that your lawyer will prove that he is in your corner. Somebody who berates you or makes you feel small or even stupid is not somebody you want on your team.

You also don’t wish to take revenge in your wife or husband. You need a legal counsel that could give fair success in your divorce through his capacities and in a practical way. Take the word “revenge” away in all encounters with your lawyer. Play fair with each other.

You may meet a lawyer who really sweeps you off your feet, so to speak, at your first meeting. You may decide to employ this person after only one meeting. Fight the urge to do so! Meet with a few just before making a final decision.

You have to have a competent family lawyer on your side when you are having a divorce.

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